Love is in the Rain

Jennifer & Alex

Love is in the Rain // Jennifer & Alex

Fearless, romantic, and explorational is the best I can describe Alex and Jennifer. The weather had been extremely hard to predict this past month and we were constantly swapping dates hopping to land on a day with sunshine because we prepared so much for thisengagement. In the end, we ended up shooting in pouring rain. It was ironic but I was thankful for the turn out.

On the day at around 12:00pm I texted Jennifer that I was at downtown and blue sky finally started to show and I predicted that it would be blue sky at 6:30pm when we start shooting. Jennifer then contacted Alex and cleared up their schedule so that they could be free from 6:30-8:00 and we were excited to finally see some sun! I was on my way back to Surrey to grab my gears at 3:00pm and it started pouring rain. I got home at 4:00pm to check the weather report and it informed me that there will be some peeks of sun. I wasn’t sure if I should text them to change the date or if I should trust the weather report so I decided to waited a bit longer.

I felt uneasy so I started messaging on Facebook to my friends that might be in downtown to constantly update me with the weather there. They updated me that the sun was coming out and it should be fine for next few hours. I then checked the weather report at around 4:30pm to see where the wind is blowing and I tried to enlighten myself that the sea should be blowing wind on to the land, that should send the rain toward the Delta and Langley area, it SHOULD be fine! At 5:30pm I headed out of Surrey and the sun was smiling down at me and screamed a little when I got on my car, “YES! I am so pro at predicting! I’m a photographer after all!” At 6:00pm I was stuck in traffic (I have no idea why there so many cars going from Surrey to Vancouver….but I was stuck in traffic anyways…) and Miya texted me saying that it started to rain a little as I looked out of my window and saw sun. I didn’t know what to say and I texted Jennifer that I think we should go for the shoot anyways and it sucks if we just cancel it.

We arrived at Jericho beach and it was raining so hard that it was difficult to see what’s in front of us. I got to their car and told them, “Hey, what about we shoot in the rain anyways. I’ve never done it before for engagement sessions and we can wait for a sunny day to shoot what we originally planned.”Their face told me they didn’t really know what to say, but they showed enthusiasm and said, “Heck with it, we are here so let’s do it! We like to try something new anyways!”

They were so romantic and their chemistry sparked even in this weather. I am so thankful that they said yes and showed so much enthusiasm despite how much they wanted sunshine in their engagement. I was inspired by them and it felt as if I was the director of a famous romantic movie. My friend said it reminded her the kissing scene in the rain from the movie Notebook. It was such an awesome session and I really enjoyed every moment of the shoot.

And guess what! Sun did start to come out at the end of the day, but we were all shivering with cold especially Jennifer (thanks for being so brave). So I decided to call it a day although she said she could keep going. Thanks for being so awesome you two! Excuse me for talking so much about myself in this post! It’s been 1 month and 1 week since we did the engagement session but my excitement still boils when I think of the day!

Posted on October 15, 2012 in Photo