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Amy & Chad //

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Amy and Chad were the first couple that booked me for 2012. Like mentioned in their engagement post, they basically booked me in 15 mins after we first met! To me, that was incredible, and I really appreciated how much they valued my work and how they visualized my photography; capturing the vision of their wedding. Throughout the year we went back and forth and I then photographed their engagement. A very delightful experience as Amy was so passionate, looking for a farm that we could borrow, as well as making it possible to bring Jackson (their adorable dog, who also showed up at the ceremony). Basically, we just had a fantastic time entertaining each others’ exciting ideas.

I especially enjoyed Amy taking me to fort Langley and walking me through the whole village. She took me from store to store, telling me some of her childhood memories and each store’s history. Amy was the first bride that was so passionate to walk me through her wedding physically, not just verbally over the phone or something. I enjoyed every moment of it and I discussed my vision as she described hers; we discussed the most about where to capture the “getting-ready”. Her passion and love glowed each time she talked about her wedding.

“Jun’s work was artistic, creative and professional. His passion for his work was obvious and I was really excited to have the opportunity to work with him and his team. He was sure to capture all the small details; shoes, dress, accesories, all while the entire house was buzzing with bridesmaids”

~ Amy & Chad

I walked in to Amy’s home. First thing I noticed were the bridesmaid dresses and Amy’s dress hanging down beautifully at the window. I have seen wedding dresses hung their many times but it was the first that I have seen bridesmaid’s dresses hung there too! It was artistic and I was inspired. Every dress was personalized and nothing was repeated. It shows how each bridesmaid has their own personality and uniqueness in their own way. Inspiration was all I saw when I entered.

Everyone was so nice and I was feeling right at home. None of those super formal greetings and I was treated like a friend that everyone already knew.

It was a magical wedding. Amy borrowed her parents’ home at Fort Langley and had a backyard wedding. It was the first backyard wedding I captured (the farm one doesn’t count) and it was truly magical. Every detail, every plant, and every table was decorated. I can tell how much effort and planning Amy had to go through in one year every time she visited her family. I did all I could capturing the details. I think I got everything! I hope I did! There were so much that it was overwhelming.

One thing I found significant about their was how much they valued spending quality time with each of their guests. They didn’t want to rush and they left a lot of time for the reception as well. This way they were not pressured to move from one place to another (other than photo session being extremely short! But that was ok!) I enjoyed seeing how they took their time to talk to each guest. After all everyone is just itching to talk to them after the ceremony! Everyone came to celebrate for them  :)

I can’t express how much I enjoyed capturing their special day. Especially how much they trusted my vision and judgement. Their wedding was full of passion and excitement accumulated over one year of planning, and unfolded magically on that day.

See how rave about us!

When I first sat down with Jun last year it only took one look at his portfolio for me to book him for my wedding. Jun’s work was artistic, creative and professional. His passion for the work was obvious and I was really excited to have the opportunity to work with Jun and his team. We started by doing an engagement session in early May. I choose to have the photos taken at my MOH’s Grandmother’s old farm in Langley. It was easy to work together to prepare since Jun was so excited about the location and the bundle of balloons I was bringing!  The pictures were beautiful, it was so nice to finally have some nice pictures as a couple!

As the big day approached, Jun and I met in Fort Langley to discuss the photo session for the wedding. I was impressed by his ability to search out the most unsuspecting locations, his imagination is something to be reckoned with! On the morning of the wedding Jun arrived early to begin the day. He was sure to capture all the small details; shoes, dress, accessories, all while the entire house was buzzing with bridesmaids, make up artists, hair stylists, and of course Jackson :) Our second photographer, Arnold, did an amazing job with the groomsmen and captured some really fun photos of all the boys preparing for the day. I really enjoyed seeing those photos and getting a little glimpse of how their day went before our first meeting. From getting ready and our first look, right to the cake cutting and first dance, Jun and his team did a fantastic job of capturing the highlights of the day. Each of the photos truly expresses how much fun our day was. I was very pleased with the work that was done and have an amazing collection of memories from our wedding day!

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