Two weeks ago Brian emailed me saying he was getting married in less than a month and looking for a photographer for his wedding. I initially had no idea he was a photographer himself and is circulated with bunch of photography friends! We sat down at bubble world and he introduced himself a little bit and I was blown away how well we got along together! We kept talking about our experience, our passion, and some business; and related our life as a photographer with each other. It was an awesome talk and he basically just told me what he needs for his wedding and it was a done deal.

We scheduled the engagement to last Wednesday and I was blown away by how prepared he was. He said, “Yeah, we got our outfit and we will get some balloons for our shoot. We want to shoot at Steveston, is that okay for you?” At first my mind was like, “mmm, ok, this shall be my 6th time shooting at Steveston in 3.5 months; but mmm alright. I guess I haven’t done a balloon shoot there yet, I wonder if I could come up with anything original…”

On the day they brought A LOT of balloons and GIANT Hello Kitty and props I was BLOWN AWAY by their preparations! He is indeed a hardcore photographer! I guess I would have done the same if I were engaged! But GOSH it was fun! The weather turned out perfect again! It was just awesome sauce with awesome sauce! Yay!

So yeah! There we go! I’m quite pleased with the photos and it was fantastic that Brian and Mandy would synchronize with each other and pose perfectly. Brian had some specific poses and ideas he wanted to do, it was awesome as I could pay more attention to composition.


- Jun

Posted on October 16, 2012 in Photo