Sleep. Love. Tent.

Kim & Jo

Sleep. Love. Tent. // Kim & Jo

Every couple has their own special way of embracing each other and spending time with each other. For Kim and Joe, it would either have to be taking a nice stroll in the park, or heading downtown. On days where the sun is missing, and it looks like the rain won’t be giving out soon, it’s not hard to picture them sitting cozily, wrapped in blankets with cups of hot coffee, chatting for hours on end.

I asked them “what do you love in common?” They instantly answered in accordance, “Sleep!” That was pretty much how we came up with the idea of cozy picnic with blankets, quilts, and pillows. From there, we just improvised a little bit- Yay to pillow fight!!

It appears that Joe is the type of guy who can make all the other girls in the world become suddenly jealous of Kim. And it’s not just because has a cute set of man dimples – no no. It is also because Joe is such a sweet human being. He basically told me about how he wrote this poem for Kim, one which recounts their seven years journey together with details of how they first met, and the ways they had spent this time together.

On a particularly fateful afternoon atop Burnaby Mountain with a view overlooking Vancouver, he got down on one knee in front of Kim and read this poem to her. As if it was not already apparent by then, he ended the poem with those famous words and a ring, “Will you marry me?” And with zero hesitation, guys.. Kim broke out with a huge smile and responded, “YES!” (Everybody give a big a round of applause! Cheers!! )

Big thanks to Jessica, Kim’s cousin, who has helped immensely in preparing the details for the shoot. Certainly, we couldn’t have done it without Jun as the creative director either. :-) Enough of me ranting, here are their lovely pictures. Enjoy!

Posted on October 23, 2012 in Photo