Faithful Love

Rupinder & Rajiv

Faithful Love // Rupinder & Rajiv

Award winning smile? That would be Rupinder and Rajiv. They first began their relationship, parted by distance; now life has brought them together as husband and wife.

Capturing their wedding brings back the memories of when I photographed their engagement session. I wasn’t able to stop saying,”Oh my gosh! Give me that award winning smile again!” They would not stop cracking up when I did that. The photos that we created together were phenomenal, and it really showed their cheerful and loving personalities.

For Rupinder and Rajiv, even the most devastating turn of events was not able to take the smiles and optimism away from the anticipation for their big day. Two weeks before the wedding, Rupinder fractured and tore a tendon in her leg, forcing her to be cast-ridden. When she invited me to her home some time after to chat about how we could still make beautiful pictures, her strength and unwavering smile showed me that she was absolutely un-phased. I was so touched that she gave thought to how what happened to her, would possibly effect me. Rupinder knew from our encounters that I love to work with constraints and overcome unique challenges. I told her that I would make it happen no matter what.

Every now and then, there will be a moment where you know it absolutely needs to be preserved. Sometimes, the emotion from a single image speaks volumes. For me, it was when Rupinder walked down the aisle, laid down her crutches and placed her hand on Rajiv. They both looked back at me for a brief moment. Tears had accumulated through my viewfinder. Although I could not understand all of the language, nor the customs at the ceremony, I felt the warm embrace emanating from all those around me, and the love of Rajiv and Rupinder.

In a word, I would describe their wedding as “warm”. Rajiv was literally the pillar of the family during the photo session, as we needed for Rupinder to stand without her crutches at times. I often would ask, “how much longer can you hold on?!” and Rupinder would say, “30 more seconds!!!” We did our best to do without the crutches, and I’d say it turned out pretty awesome!

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Videography by HD Wedding Pinda

Posted on October 29, 2012 in Photo