An Outdoor Wedding

Trish & Zac

An Outdoor Wedding // Trish & Zac

She burst into tears of joy as he read aloud his solemn vow – a moment she’ll remember forever.

With a little help from the family, Zac and Trish crafted their perfect little wedding at Zac’s parents’ farm on the island. The place itself – majestic! We had to take this unique opportunity to capture Zac and Trish in a field of horses. Although a kilt and wedding dress may not be the most conventional farm-wear, Zac and Trish displayed themselves well –showcasing both their culture and their love in this awe-inspiring paradise. 

The small details though, made everything especially magical: the bouquet, hand-picked; the cake, hand-made. Even the wedding favors –jars of blackberry jam– were hand-made by Zac’s mom for every guest to take home as a special memento of Trish and Zac’s special day.

The reception was full of jokes, crazy dances, funny surprises, and of course, laughter! Trish once told me that Zac can never fail to make her laugh at any moment, and tonight was no exception. He has the kind of energy that makes people around him suddenly become excited and happy.

Trish and Zac, I wish you all the very best for your wedding and journey ahead. It won’t always be easy, but always remember that there is a rainbow in every raindrop. Through sorrow & joy, through bad times & good times; keep that energy of excitement Zac, and stay sweet Trish!

Thanks Tegan for second shooting!



Posted on December 26, 2012 in Photo