Love Letters

Victoria & Henry

Love Letters // Victoria & Henry

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Victoria had first laid eyes on Henry in 2006 at a talent show where she was on exchange in Toronto. We are told that what happened was nothing short of a movie scene being played right before our eyes

“The room was dark and there was a spotlight on him, singling him out. Was this the infamous love at first sight?”

The meeting backstage was a chance encounter – and short lived, as Victoria had to leave to return to BC the following day. But let’s just say that both left each other lasting impressions and emotions that would withstand distance and time to hold on to for the following years.

Over the past 6 years, they had kept in touch and visited each other. Victoria only had Henry in mind all this time, and it had turned out that Henry did too. It was truly a storybook ending. He had kept all of the letters, gifts, and notes from Victoria since they had first met. :’)

On February 19, 2013, Henry romantically proposed to Victoria one evening at the beach. True love wins!

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