Four season love

Elena & Jason

Four season love // Elena & Jason

My camera has acted as a passport into the unique lives of the people I encounter. Being a photographer and having this camera has allowed me to meet and create lasting openhearted friendships that would otherwise never have materialized in my life. My perspective on life has continually been changing and evolving.

Photography is truly something that we can all relate to. All of us have something special that we wish to capture through a viewfinder in order to keep them forever. It may have happened in the past that we want to recreate or it may be happening in the future that we wish to be preserved.

Whatever it is, photography opens up the heart and breaks down barriers.

Because of photography, I met a special person around three years ago, Elena of Elena Tsang Make Up Artistry. We met through a fashion shoot and we became a team and close friends. We were a little community that shared and laughed without feeling that we needed to “network and talk smart while acting professional.” Being part of her life and knowing her three of her eight years with Jason, I had the honor to capture their engagement.

Four seasons” was a special shoot, symbolizing the memories created by Elena and Jason as the seasons have past, and representative of memories to be made in the seasons to come.

We started our secret project that lasted a year right after Jason proposed. It wasn’t easy with Vancouver weather being extremely unpredictable and we also all had very busy schedule year round and ended up having only 7 or 8 days free throughout the year, fortunately we only experienced light rain once out of four seasons.

On a personal note, I really enjoy Elena’s passion about marriage and her wedding planning!

Three years ago she would always say,

“Yeah Jason and I will get married soon -don’t know when, but we are pretty much set..”

“Yeah, it’ll happen, when it happens, I’m going to have this, this, and that!”

“Oh and dresses, I’m going to make them all! I can see it already!”

Then she would sigh deeply with a smile and doze off to her wonderland for 3 seconds before she laughs out loud. Finally one year ago she said she is no longer dreaming and excitedly told me she is finally engaged! Engaged to a man that she has loved for 7 years!

About two months ago we finally finished this year-long project, which became published on Junebugs.

Although we share our passion in different ways, I feel as though Elena and I have climbed and evolved together. It was very lonely as entrepreneurs when starting, and through chance I was able to meet Elena because of my camera and gained a true friend and partner that I will continue to grow with in future. Extremely looking forward to your wedding in two weeks! =) July 13th is the big day!

Special thanks to Miya Gu for shooting together with me for one year long as well as Lisa Wong of Blush Floral Design for the beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres for each season.

Posted on July 2, 2013 in Photo