Irene & Kenth

Irene & Kenth //

Irene and Kenth’s morning was filled with laughter, tears, and some serious traditional Chinese culture. For the team, it was filled with many “firsts”!

Kenth had spent a better part of a year making the gorgeous sedan chair for Irene’s morning commute. The amount of detail and handywork that really went into it.. we wonder how many hours it must have took Kenth! He also wore his traditional Chinese outfit. Gotta love the hat. As he led his men, who carried Irene through several neighbourhood blocks between the two homes, we had thought to ourselves, “We have never witnessed such a spectacle. We’re so lucky to be able to document the whole thing!”

I don’t think anyone could be happier with the wedding how well the day went. Everything went so smoothly! Irene and Kenth’s wedding was totally stress free. We didn’t feel anyone was rushed in between locations and most of the scheduled events were on track the entire day. We really appreciated all that planning that went into the wedding. Kenth and Irene were able to  enjoy themselves without feeling the need to make haste; what we like to call “living in the moment”.

For us, we really enjoyed that we had 4 hours for photos and filming after the ceremony at Hycroft, and were really able to really dedicate our time to capture not just the couple, but everyone from the bridal party, everyone behind the scenes, and not to mention the wedding guests.

Weddings can happen extremely quickly, and having to be your own time manager and having extra things to worry about can really take those moments away from you.

We as a team see and meet many couples who are in the stages of planning their wedding. The whole process is  fun, but sometimes, a couple can become flooded with seemingly countless large and small decisions, making wedding planning neither fun nor exciting as a result.

We have truly seen the benefit of having an organizer of a wedding planner. Planning a wedding should be fun and exciting throughout, as wedding planners keep you sane while you live your lifestyle and plan your dream wedding. Finding the perfect one that matches your vision as well as your personality while fitting into your budget, they are there to listen to your needs and give you hand-picked vendors based on your specific requirements and budget, helping you cut down the amount of time you need to spend searching.

A lot of the games were “firsts” for us too!! We had never seen the “ball” catching game.. and a very excessive amount of toilet paper was expended for one.. and the other: some peoples’ necks must have gotten tweaked for sure from that hilarious headband game. But it was all for the sake of entertainment!! We could not stop laughing during the games.

The speeches really showed how much this wedding was about long-lived friendship,  true love, and strong family values. Everything was so memorable, but the thing that we were just blown away with was the guys’ Justin Bieber dance for Irene. I think all of us were jaw-dropped at how awesome it was…  and how worked-up the entire crowd got!


Posted on July 22, 2013 in Cinema, Photo