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One thing we have definitely learned in the past year is to treasure what we have, and to step back and celebrate the little moments.

Take the relationships – the ones we’ve had from the beginning to the new ones we’ve made along the way. We are such firm believers that our friends have contributed so much towards our successes. The saying goes, “a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

This post also marks a celebration and a new beginning for all of us. Our little family went on for a two-day trip to Seattle. It was bittersweet; the trip was to celebrate Arnold’s new opportunity in Indonesia. It was also a retreat to celebrate the end of the wedding year and to freshen our minds.

Working together as a team at weddings, we have very few moments to spend with each other and catch up with each other’s lives. This 48 hour trip made up for it all!

Because we were stateside, we had no phone signals, no data plan, and no wifi. We were left to enjoy our moments with each other at Top Pot Donuts and St. Ignatius, without being pre-occupied with emails or text messages. It was nice to appreciate the tiny little things for sure. Like the awesome streak of luck we had with the weather.

We began to let loose on the car ride over and gave in to our goofiness! It was freeing. We all have a silly side that you don’t get to see because we strive to be act and behave professionally. Maybe you can tell from the images!

On the trip, all of us really let loose. Jun was bursting at the seams with energy, always the first to get out of bed to make sure things are going by schedule and raising the team’s spirits. Meanwhile, Henry gave in to his inhibitions and showed us his funny side (with the help of a craft beer), and his sleepy side (after a few more craft beers). “It’s late.. let’s sleep.. my head hurts..”

Arnold, being the cool one, showed us his singing talent in the car and happily watched on the sidelines while the rest of us wrestled and had intense pillow fights in the hotel. Mark surprised us with his film history knowledge and got to take photos! He never gets to during a wedding. A fine photographer if we had ever seen one. Marie showed us her vicious karate chops after we woke her up in the morning. And her double exposures!

We learned to be thankful for the little things on the trip. It really is a bittersweet thing; if it weren’t for Arnold telling us his time in Vancouver was limited, we could not have stopped and mindfully rejoiced for all of the memories that we’d created together in the last two years.

And we had created new memories as well – kinda like how the bar below our hostel room happened to have the rowdiest Karaoke night known to man. As we all lay in our separate beds listening to badly done Top Billboard hits. Until 3:00am.

We came for the chowder, the chocolates, and the coffee. But we left with a warm feeling in our hearts.

Arnold, you will have the most amazing journey in Indonesia. We’re certain of it. Bring a kindling of our fire and our tuft of our dreams back with you across to your new home. There are no goodbyes. We’ll see you again in no time, friend!

Posted on August 16, 2013 in Cinema, Photo