Musical Ceremony

Klair & Toby

Musical Ceremony // Klair & Toby

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There are moments in our lives when music can have such a great effect on our lives. I’m certain that for many of us, music has a place in our hearts. Some of us are fortunate enough with the gift of musical expression – with strings and notes, we are able to uplift and bring out feelings, emotions and relive memories.

Klair and Toby’s wedding theme was based around music and was very lavish. It was a very intimate and classy affair, to say the least, as the wedding was ornate with beautiful objects and surrounded by friends and loved ones that Toby and Klair deeply care about. We set out with the intention to capture their day with this mindset – passion.

Klair can describe Toby as a person who cannot verbally show signs of affection, but his redeeming quality is that Toby is a man who shows more love through his action rather than any words spoken ever could. Klair, along with family and all the guests who attended, were serenaded at the end of the night with four songs played and sang by Toby. The four songs represented their years of relationship together. The evening was a night of joy  for the couple – tears were definitely visible among all of those who listened.

We have long realized the importance of music, but it was from Toby and Klair that we really saw how a song could have such a great effect on our lives. We drew from this and came to a conclusion that – we couldn’t be more thankful to have such awesome couples. Our clients give us the creative freedom to choose their music for their films. Even though we give them the ultimate decision, it always gives us confidence that we are trusted with such a big responsibility to craft our films with a musical piece that we chose and feel which represents the couple’s monumental wedding day celebrations.

It then goes without saying that we usually spend hours choosing just the right song for the couple that can evoke the right emotions during our same day edits. Toby and Klair brought us along on this musical journey and we feel that our emotions were connected when we premiered the film. It goes without saying that it is such a unique experience and we feel blessed that we are able to know them not only through regular convention but through each others’ musical IQ.

Posted on September 10, 2013 in Cinema, Photo