Finding The Why


Finding The Why // Kunioo

It’s a question we always ask ourselves. “Why am I here?” You may feel that there’s something deeper you could be a part of. You feel the pull towards something but you can’t exactly pinpoint it. You may have heard stories from writers or musicians who have felt their calling their entire lives. Deep down you probably wish you had this “knowing” to pull you forward.

It’s hard to believe, but you do have this! All it takes is a little searching within. Your life’s purpose is simply waiting to be uncovered. The fastest way to finding your life’s purpose is through the art of introspection: diving into the deeper essences of who you are to pull out the pieces to assemble the purpose puzzle. Simply ask yourself:

1. What brought you immense joy as a kid?

2. What were you doing when you lost track of time?

3. What did your parents have to drag you away from?

4. What did you love deep down before the world told you to get practical?

These are just some questions to dig deeper into finding your “why.” Take the time to write down anything -whatever comes to mind- until you can’t think of anything else!  Your purpose may be in plain hiding!

Posted on December 15, 2013 in Photo