My Disney Movie Princess

Dan & Mar

My Disney Movie Princess // Dan & Mar

Picture this: In the distance, under mountains dusted golden by the setting sun, rests a thriving magical kingdom. Enter a man – handsome, strong and looking every bit the part of prince charming. He meets a beautiful woman – elegant, wise, funny, and, to him, she fulfills the role of perfection.

Together, they can do anything. From facing ferocious beasts to exploring the wonders of the universe, as long as they have each other, with unconditional love and devotion no challenge is too great. Their story is one we’re all familiar with and only dream of having and that is the story of true love.

For Dan and Mar, they found their on-screen soul mate in each other. And we’ve come to the premiere of their wedding to witness their one-of-a-kind romance. Through unsuspecting plot twists and heart-melting moments that are worthy of a golden prize, Dan and Mar’s story was sealed by true love’s kiss. Their wedding may be over, but this is only part one of their epic blockbuster love story.

See how Dan & Mar rave about us!

We met Kunioo the day of the proposal and we actually never met them before but they pulled everything off and it was fantastic.
Jun is a big ball of love and Henry is the warmth. Meeting them for the first time they were instantly able to make us comfortable and it was really easy for us to be ourselves. It felt as if we were friends for a really long time. We hit it off really well and it was easy for us to develop that trust with them. After the first time working with them during our proposal, it was a given that they would be capture our wedding day.
We can feel that they really love their work and the fact that they put so much passion and they never forget why they do what they do. That’s something huge for us because that’s what we try to revisit every single day. We never want to forget why is it that we do what we do and that’s how Kunioo operates and that’s why they were built on. We begged and plead and cried when we felt that passion during our second meeting. They did not try to sell themselves when we set down with them and when we had that consultation with them to potentially work with them for our wedding.
They explained passionately that “This is what Kunioo believes in, this is our vision, and this is what we would commit to if we capture your wedding day!” and we were sold. It was difficult to say no.
We are very very happy about Kunioo and we are so grateful and fortunate to have them as friends and capture our wedding day. The process as well. They really try their very best to get to know us. Kunioo did not just want to know how the our day looks like or what we want but they wanted to know “Us”. So much to the point that there was nothing that we would want to change in the video and out of all the thousands of photos they chose the exact ones we would have chosen for our album. There wasn’t anything more we could ask for!!

Posted on June 16, 2014 in Cinema, Photo