Memories Live on Forever

Alisa & Ryan

Memories Live on Forever // Alisa & Ryan

Everyone has his or her own story to share and some stories are captured while the rest may be lost through time as details are left astray from mouth to ear. But this is one of the many reasons that inspired me to become a photographer. I have always wanted to seize an untold story and show it to the world saying how having their stories told may change And this is where Alisa and Ryan come along.

Eight weeks ago, Nicole from Past Pieces-Vintage and Vintage Inspired Wedding Rentals led me to come across a very inspiring couple. I was told there was a group fundraising donations and services for Alisa and Ryan’s vintage rustic wedding and this intrigued me. But it wasn’t until they told me their story did my heart felt it was my duty to capture their story. Ryan who was about to start his life was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. It not only rendered him unable to walk but the doctors told Ryan he had only 12 weeks left. With less than three months, Ryan took this as a calling and decided to dedicate his heart and literally the rest of his life loving Alisa. On July 5th, Mika and I was honoured with the privilege to capture Alisa and Ryan’s beautiful wedding day. Everyone was soaked with tears full of joy as they see love untwining its branches to reveal the most beautiful couple becoming one.

Through that day, I was reminded of why exactly I am wedding photographer. As a photographer, we not only capture the moment in time, but we let others remember or see for the first time through our eyes a memory that will never happen a second time. On July 5th, we were merely spirit-like witnesses because in the end, it was all about the union of Alisa and Ryan whom in our hearts live on forever.

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” – Unknown

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Ryan and I had only one vision for our day and that was to see everyone we loved under one roof and to give them as much joy as they have given us. Jun captured every emotion that transpired and told a story so beautiful we can’t stop sharing it. The moment I turned the corner and saw my husband standing for me I could see nothing else. I know what I felt and have never stopped feeling but I am so grateful that Jun was there to capture the panoramic view of every special moment. No one could have written our story more beautifully, Thank you a million times over is all I can say! Because of you, our day will live on forever.

Alisa & Ryan Langley
July 5 2014

Posted on July 9, 2014 in Cinema, Photo