Theatrical Romance

Jeslin & Hanz

Theatrical Romance // Jeslin & Hanz

In a place where action, drama, and romance happen, a person can exit their ordinary lives momentarily and become someone different for a brief two hours. But what you least expect from the theatre itself is finding that your own life can unexpectedly change for not a brief moment but for the rest of your life. I guess you can say that for Jeslin and Hanz, the theatre being a place of refuge, they escaped and entered into each other’s heart.

Jeslin was only one of many employees at a theatre when she met the love of her life, Hanz, the senior manager. Who would have thought that because of the shared interests in films, they would meet each other at such fate? Their similarities in likes and interests only strengthened and augmented their relationship. And looking at the bigger picture, sharing the same values is what distinguishes a couple that is on the rise from just an ordinary one. Jeslin and Hanz’s special relationship and lifestyle shines right through even in pictures. They may tease and poke one another from time to time, but they know that deep down they are madly in love.

Posted on August 12, 2014 in Photo