A Boho Gypsy Ceremony

Anca & Mike

A Boho Gypsy Ceremony // Anca & Mike

Rustic outdoor wedding has been something that we have been dreaming to capture. There really isn’t anything like a wedding that is special and unique. Past Pieces-Vintage did an amazing job bring things vision together, which the beauty created, are something that would make gusts remember forever.

If you love the vintage look, then there are tonnes of ways that you can introduce that theme into the ceremony. You could walk down the aisle on a red carpet, and wear a vintage veil. You could even wear a veil or dress that belonged to your mother or grandmother! You cannot get much more vintage than that. However, if you are going for more of a gypsy look, then you need to be thinking all about the accessories. Instead of a veil, consider wearing a head piece that you have custom made for you. Your wedding bouquet should be made up of wild flowers, and perhaps even flowers that you have picked yourself.

A boho wedding reception is a great way to help your friends, family, and guests relax. A formal reception can be very constricting, so instead of having a table plan, just let your guests sit where they want. You could even have a picnic reception, instead of a more formal meal. It was a blast working with the team! Make up and Hair by Elena Tsang, and the beautiful dresses were form Truvelle. All jewelleries were handmade by the gypsy’s heart. Florist, head piece and garland by Bridal Beginnings

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Posted on September 25, 2014 in Photo