Electronic Pen Microneedling K82

The key to the success of slimming is to reduce the size of fat cells. The Medical i-lipo Diode Laser is leading technology from Chromogenex™. It emits targeted laser energy to the treatment area to temporarily change fat cells’ chemical composition. Small pores are opened on the fat cell membrane and allow the small fatty acids and glycerol to exit the fat cells, to be carried away by lymphatic system. The emptied fat cells become shrunken and flattened immediately.
Decomposition of stubborn fat in 6 minutes, FDA approved improvement in cellulite, stretch-marks, circumferential reduction, safe and comfortable.
Diode Laser targets specific stubborn packets of fat, releasing fatty acids and glycerol, and shrinking fat cells.
Vacuum massage enhances lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and drives glycerol to lymphatic vessels, noticeable effect in every treatment.
Effective multi-polar radiofrequency tightens up loose skin and firms up skin texture.

Latest infrared spa technology detoxifies through sweat, resulting in healthy weight loss and cell regeneration.

Pain relief: Penetrate up to 48mm of your body, reduce inflammation by increasing circulation to tissue, joints and muscles.
30-min session burns up to 300-500 calories while you relax in private cabin.
Up to 3x sweat effect than traditional sauna
60-70°C private sauna dome
Warm up cold hands and feet, improve sleep quality, prevent cold, stimulate the metabolism and immune system
Enhance lymphatic flow and blood circulation

【Weight Loss Machine】It can create high frequency vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 times per second, reducing the appearance of both wrinkles, Firm the skin texture. Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, tightens and firms.
【”S” Shape】To help you remove excess fat,recreate ‘S’,especially for maternity and someone who have more fat on waist or other place,make you feel more confidence,more sexy.
【3-in-1 Fat Remover Machine】With EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation),infrared,microseism on the device,achieve the effect of firming and shaping the body simultaneously.
【Multi-site Application】 Suitable for firming thighs, arms, waist, hips,tightening the chest after delivery.
【Worry-free Purchase】 If you have any confused for your purchase,all you need to do is contact us. We offer you a 100% seller service to make you satisfied.This product is genuine in the TruuMe store, and this product sold in other stores is fake. TruuMe recommends that you do not go to other stores to buy.

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