My dearest Honey Bee

Angela & Eric

My dearest Honey Bee // Angela & Eric

When you are given a nickname, it is deeply personal in a way that this person, someone whom you have given permission and acceptance, is calling you by a name that is attached with unique memories and value. This very special couple, Angela and Eric, call each other “Bee”. For what reasons? As honey bees, they endlessly collect pollen back to the hive and as a result, sweet delicious honey is made. Their devotion to their colony (their family) is unrivalled just like the relationship Angela and Eric share.

In many ways, Eric makes Angela feel like the Queen Bee. He does unnecessary work just like the Queen Bee’s loyal subjects. Yet Angela equally returns the heart and devotion to Eric by loving him with all her might. So in a way, Angela and Eric calling each other “Bee” is a reminder of what their love is. But when we think about it, nicknames eventually become a part of us. It is the “self” when we are around the beloved person or people that call you that.

Whether it is “baby” when you were an innocent child, or “baby” when you are with your significant other, there is a particular sensation when you are called by it. It is knowing that this name contains special connection and bond that that a chill of happiness flows through you. But a nickname is only a fraction of what makes a relationship special. We must build on our relationship a bond that is unbreakable by growing together and loving unconditionally.

Although Angela and Eric call each other “Bee”, which is quite special already, they also call each other every night no matter where they are or what the other person is doing. Sleepy calls embraced with warm affection is what Angela and Eric both look forward to each and every night. Through faith they also got to know each other spiritually and through times of trouble, they have a steady hand to hold on to. We can take from this example and see how love can do powerful things.

Not only is it the love of both Angela and Eric, but also the love of God that united this lovely couple. In all, nicknames are just one form of showing someone affection but there are thousands upon millions more ways to show your love. A simple smile can even do the trick.

Posted on September 3, 2014 in Photo