Distance and Love

Victoria & Henry

Distance and Love // Victoria & Henry


Whoever said that long-distance relationships are hard to maintain and last has it all wrong. True, the fact that he/she is beyond miles away, maybe in a different time zone, maybe in a different country, or maybe speaking a different language is hard for us to accept. We feel as if we lose a sense of belonging and intimacy that a short-distance relationship enables us to have. But it has been proven by many, specifically Victoria and Henry, that distance is merely a small glitch in the road that can be overcome by the might power of — you guessed it – love.

It was love at first sight. It was truly and genuinely the love at first sight that authors, romantics and optimists dream about. Victoria and Henry’s meeting was like fate. But as we all know, fate likes to play tricks on us, therefore down his sleeve was a little thing called, distance. As mentioned before, Victoria and Henry had to struggle with the fact that they lived far apart. But the way they dealt with it turned the struggle into their own special way of showing their love. The first handwritten letter sent by Victoria to Henry was the first of many to come. Take away the electronic emails, texts, and other formats of messaging that one can easily communicate through and delve into the old fashioned handwritten letters. From today’s technology, it lacks the intimacy that letters and packages have. And so for many years, Victoria and Henry exchanged letters in a way of shortening the kilometres apart. It almost reminds me of the famous movie, The Notebook, except this time they are both receiving the letters.

Distance, it does not define our wedding and relationship but rather puts it to the test. It will not be easy, but when your love is bonded and grounded as a rock, distance is just that one moment in your life when you were apart. And for the next decades to come, that troublesome distance will only be in the long and forgotten distant past.

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See how Victoria & Henry rave about us!

They did a wonderful job! The photos that they captured were just very very magnificent. They would find the best lighting for the scenarios that they want to capture while fitting the themes that we have with their creativity. We just couldn’t have asked for a better team to have without having to worry about where we should get the pictures taken. There were 5 people on the team and they were all delegated to their own task and did a great job at instructing us.

They weren’t kidding when they said the day goes by so fast and it was really nice to be able to relive it all over again. It was really great meeting everybody. We are honestly not the easiest person to take photos of and videos of as we don’t like being the centre of attention but they made it really natural. It was really great! It was like being with friends!

The best part of having Kunioo is that they are a happy bunch and they stay organized throughout and taking care of us. Not just to us, but the entire family and friends and anyone that were attending the wedding.

When they talk about how “Your story, Our Inspiration” they really meant it. It really is a story that they put together of us. Coodos to kunioo!

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