40k ultrasonic cavitation

is such an easy treatment, so easy that it can almost be self-taught. If you think about it, it is just strapping pads onto the body. How hard can it really be? The hard part is not the actual treatment itself, but it is the knowledge, the qualification, the insurance, the support and the contraindications.

If not trained correctly, results achieved will not be 100% no matter how expensive or great the machine is. Of course we all know that a good machine will achieve 80% of the result, but that extra 20% is what it takes to make your customer completely satisfied, and in return more recommendations and future business.

So to be successful in this business, you have to have a great machine, support and great knowledge about the treatment. Knowledge, which only an experienced qualified trainer can pass down.

When buying a machine, we need to understand why it is a good machine. Is it the power? Is it the pads? Is it endorsed by celebrities or is it just a brand name? The truth is, none of these points matter if they are falsely advertised. We find many smaller companies just advertise anything without any clinical trials or extensive research.

The power does not have to be the most powerful, in fact it can make the machine worse of which is explained in the other video as to why. Power is only required to be adequate to work simultaneously, and in many cases with new technology, the less power is in fact better. The machine does not have to be celebrity endorsed to give superior results but this does help to give your company a louder brand image.

A good machine is not what is written on a spec sheet, it has to have a reputable source of laser diode component. Of course other factors such as an intuitive user interface, design and the manufacturing process plays a huge part to produce a great machine.

How does AW3 system differ?

AW3 produce the most recognised machines in the world. Our brand is known by your friends, your neighbour and your work colleague. Which also mean your future customers.

Using the AW3 brand will set you apart from the average laser lipo system. You will not just achieve good results; You will achieve the greatest results that no other systems can compare to.


Recently we had a few customers who were getting bad results with some other machines that they had already bought. We decided to part exchange 6 of the AW3 machines so we can start a comparison project in our factory. Not to our surprise at all, 3 machines bought from auction/import sites were LEDs instead of Lasers as advertised.

2 machines were bought from local trade shows, which uses lasers but an in-house built type, which does not have the manufacturing capability compared to specialist diode makers, therefore giving poor results. These 2 local machines were in fact being made from the same factory. They were almost exactly the same inside. The prices differed hugely because they were being supplied by 2 completely different distributors under 2 different brand names.

Finally one machine you could say that it is very similar to the AW3 machine, but it’s a fake copy. It looked similar, felt the same and even the spec description on the user manual was almost the same. This particular machine was very interesting, although it does genuinely use Japanese Mitsubishi lasers; it was not giving the same results? We do not want to bore you with the laws of physics that make certain components bind together well, whilst others won’t, no matter how powerful and expensive the components are. This company was failing to correctly manufacture their machine which led to poor results.


It is important to buy and train from a reputable manufacturer with extensive research and development. Comparing machine’s spec sheets is not enough and can sometimes be incorrect; feel the machine and the company as a whole.

A good laser lipo training course is one thing; a good laser lipo machine is another. A great brand like AW3 is just as important as your customers have already heard of us.

Together, all 3 combined will make a greater business, a business that will grow for the long term.
Being integrated with the most advanced RF technology, the instrument may directly reach the deep fat tissues. In the fast-active state, fat cell tissue may generate friction heat, increase local temperature and remove excess fat and toxin from the body through sweat gland, enterohepatic circulation and lymph and ultimately achieve the effect of dissolving fat. With controlled depth technology, inlaid diamond particles of different sizes may rub skin along its pattern, adjust suction strength by means of vacuum draw and rub with negative pressure strong force to directly explode thick fat. Thus, the effects are very obvious: Enhance blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat, take away wastes, enhance the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improve the state of areolar tissue, remove stubborn fat and improve the sufficient absorption condition of diet products. Includes a 1 year warranty.

40K Cavitation Body Slimming:
Strong sound wave of 40,000HZ may be emitted to human body to impact fat cells and cause friction motion between fat cells

Vacuum Pressure & Bipolar RF Body Shape:
For body and face re-shaping, rapid heating of the cell walls.

Bipolar Tripolar RF Wrinkle Elimination, tightening and lifting:
Facial RF head is used to transmit RF energy and generating an electric field through the skin tissue.

Sextupole RF Body Contour:
RF Technique and energy directly penetrate into deep-seated cellulite.

Red Light (Wavelength 640nm+5nm):
High purity red light can penetrate deep level sking to increase microcirculation by actionchemistry to stimulate metabolism.

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