Rosalie + Randall

Decisions // Rosalie + Randall

Decisions. As we carry through life, we all arrive at the inevitable fork in the road. The fork splits the path into two entirely separate ones and we don’t know what’s waiting at the end and what we missed in the road not taken. And since life likes to do this to us, it throws multiple forks at us. So we are left with decisions.

Randall and Rosalie’s bridesmaid puts it perfectly in her speech:

“When I look at the two of you, I don’t think ‘They’re so lucky they found each other’. Instead I see years. Ten and a half years of decisions. The decision to work through whatever hard times you’ve had. The decision to not take each other too seriously. The decision to hold each other accountable for each other’s dreams and potential. And above all else, the decision to love each other fiercely.”

We are given a plethora of choices to choose from and we are never certain of what the outcome will be like. In a relationship specifically, there will be times where we face hard decisions that have the potential to change our lives. So as a couple and a unit, you must work hard to make these decisions together that not only benefit yourself, but also the person you plan to share your life with. Yes, relationships take work and part of it is the communication that a couple must build. Without good communication, the decisions we face are hard to make. When you are in a committed relationship there is now another person you have to ask before something life changing because your life is theirs now too.

We can see that Rosalie and Randall have done this with each other. Their decisions were made together and each time one is made, it is only to be benefitted by both. Ten years of being together they have stopped at many forks. But they decided they were meant for each other; they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, ‘till death due them part; and they decided to have an awesome wedding at Science World with a Wizard as their wedding officiate (because they decided they wanted to be simply awesome). In retrospect, decisions are not easy. Just knowing your significant other is there to pick you up and carry you through it is all one needs to know.

Posted on October 6, 2014 in Cinema