Garden Wedding

Amanda & Lyle

Garden Wedding // Amanda & Lyle

We were honoured and extremely excited when we heard about Amanda and Lyle’s beautiful vintage outdoor wedding. We could see by the way they looked at each other that they loved teasing at each other but always full of loving intention inside. A couple’s wedding says a lot about the couple themselves. A wedding free-willed and organic as Amanda and Lyle’s tells us that they are two very authentic partners in crime.

Amanda and Lyle’s gorgeous outdoor ceremony and reception planned and decorated by Modern Mint Events is both spacious and full of freedom. Little rustic and vintage details transformed a simple field of grass to a place filled with magic. Each wedding is unique but when it comes to outdoor weddings, there is a mesmerizing effect that surrounds the venue. At night, Amanda and Lyle’s reception began to glow with enchantment that was hiding behind the sun during the day. It is as if we have travelled to another environment.

It was our absolute pleasure to capture Amanda and Lyle’s wedding as we were free to move around the ceremony and reception according to where our creativity and the magical sunlight took us. We were inspired from start to the end of ceremony and treated as if we were part of the wedding guest. Thank you for entrusting us with your most magical wedding!

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Posted on December 17, 2014 in Photo

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