Shine & Sandy

Breathing // Shine & Sandy

It was my greatest honour and opportunity to travel to Mexico and capture Shine and Sandy’s intimate wedding while being one of his best man. It was a very special privilege to experience being in a bridal party while encountering a whole different level of challenge. To share the moment with my best friend was an inexplicable feeling.

Shine and Sandy were together in the past during high school days but separated and went on a couple different relationships before they reunited again after graduating university. I never asked the details of why they parted ways and what brought the two of them together. Shine answered that they willingly embraced each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They found a place of acceptance and a place that they are allowed to be vulnerable.

Shine has often been my relationship advisor. He told me that relationships are about having compassion and working toward the same goal in life. Relationships should feel natural even in silence. Marriage is when two people reach a point where they do not need to create a facade to hide their weaknesses or promise strength they do not have.

Now today, Shine and Sandy are united as one. But along the way they had to find themselves as individuals. Finding what they want and loving who they are is the only way another person can share the love they have for each other. So taking a breather, taking our time can only broaden our experiences and strengthen the weaknesses that may come forth. Relationships should be organic and natural as breathing.

Special thanks to my girlfriend Miya Gu for capturing the moments for us when I was making a speech as well as when I was part of the bridal party.

Your best friend,


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Posted on February 10, 2015 in Photo