Life is a playground

Vilia & Gus

Life is a playground // Vilia & Gus

Two people, two personalities, one heart. Vilia and Agus (Gus) did not follow what tradition is and emphasized only on what is most important to them. They found a location that spoke to them and got married under a willow tree.

Vilia and Gus then invited 50 of their closest friends to a secluded place at Whistler and celebrated the whole day and night to themselves. To Kunioo we forever felt privileged to be invited to both events and celebrated as their great friends and drank and sang along with their marriage.

Life is about finding what is most important and valuable to yourself and finding another person that can enjoy life the same way. Gus is adventurous, life is full of surprises and he believes that we must not feel restricted. Vilia was often described as a tomboy and enjoys all the “Agusness” in Gus and loves all the surprises and adventures.

Like them, their wedding was one of a kind as if it was a playground of their own. They flowed their wedding with no set schedule. It was truly one of the most relaxing and playful wedding to experience and celebrate with.

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