Born from a Boom Box

Taylor & Jake

Born from a Boom Box // Taylor & Jake

Born from a Boom Box! Music is their soul and dance is their expression of life.

Last year we ran our Story Session contest and Taylor & Jake naturally won our passion. We quickly met up with them and we drowned in their life stories.

Taylor & Jake’s story is a unique one.Their community, their friendship, and even Jake’s proposal to Taylor revolved and happened around Hip Hop. They would start dancing the moment they are off work and dance until 2 or even 4am in the morning. Taylor and Jake live and breathe hip hop, and music is never off at home; music is their ambient sound surrounding and empowering their daily spirit.

We are super excited and honoured to be capturing their wedding this Summer on July 3rd! Modern mint will be planning their biggest day of their life so we are guaranteed to have an excellent and organized celebration!

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Posted on March 2, 2015 in Cinema, Photo

  • Tammy

    Ahhhhh, be still my heart! Love is beautiful. <3 Taylor and Jake.