When he left, he looked at the suicide: “Little boy, really has you.” “I have seen him on him.” There is a cross-cutting effort.” Nie Jie pulled out the blind uncle and let the suicide lie quietly. When she got outside, she lowered her voice: “The cross-training skills are very demanding for the coaches, and the requirements for the trainers are higher. The coaches need to be precise in control, and the trainers need a high talent. Nothing to say, You must be able to endure the pain and learn the rhythm of relaxation and tension. Although the simple corpse method pdt-jet-peel-machine-6-1-function is simple, it is the simplest thing to sleep on the bed, the simpler the thing, the more esoteric, the more you want to get started, there is no one. This student has only been studying for a month.” “His body bones and muscles are very well shaped, and the person who trains him is very powerful.” The blind uncle massaged a lap for the suicide, with his brilliant masseur, I have long been familiar with the various situations of the body: “Plus that he is now 16 or 17 years old is the plasma-pen best time to shape. This is indeed a good seedling.” “Your heavy hand, the people who started being pressed are very painful, like hell. However, as long as it has passed, it will be completely relaxed. This is a way to limit the mental resilience of the people. The requirements for the massager are high, and the requirements for the person being massaged are also very high. Point, do not look for people everywhere to experiment, once a problem, fear is 5d-sculpture-frame-facial-mask difficult to end. “Nie warned the sister. “I have a measure.” The blind uncle waved his hand: “This student is interesting. You are a manager in the school. Don’t train it? If you train for two or three years, whether you are going to beierplasm-pen-k85-introduction play a career or go to the military, it is a block. Good seedlings.” “I told him earlier, this student said that he wants to consider. I think he will come to you for a massage. If you pull him to my class to practice a comprehensive fighting, I will divide the wine you just won. Half.” Nie Jie began to seduce. “Speak and count.” The blind uncle heard the wine inside, and seemed to be tempted. Lying for half an hour, the feeling of fluttering and celestial disappeared, and he in-skin-analyzer climbed up. “This massage method can greatly improve my cross-cutting skills.” Su is full of joy: “After the coach of Odley, I am no one training me, and now I finally found the best training method.” “Do you want to use my heavy massage to improve your cross-cutting skills?” Blind uncle came in, black eyes like Jiang Ge. “Uncle blind, I am just a beginner, is there any room for improvement?” Su robbery asked sincerely. He regards everyone as a teacher. In front of the kung fu predecessors, he is always a student who has been studying for a month. He is still very shallow and ignorant. He is not complacent and proud of his own achievements. Hearing the modesty and strong curiosity of the suicide, the blind uncle nodded inadvertently: “You are such a small age, you actually understand the truth of the refinement, and you can also practice the yoga method of the big corpse, and enter the state. The psychological quality is extremely excellent, it can be said that it is faintly fulfilled by Wang Yangming’s knowledge and action. “The combination of knowing and doing.” Su robbing quickly said: “I know that I know what behavior is good for myself, follow this idea. It’s hard to do. For example, many students know that it’s good for them to work hard and study hard, but they can’t do it. They still play games all day and don’t exercise. I used to listen to the teacher’s theory. It has been enforced for a long time, and this has slowly changed.” The habit of writing a diary every day was also developed at that time. “I don’t ask who trained you. According to my rules, you actually resisted my heavy massage, then I can massage for you for free.” Blunt is still very much obeying his own bet: ” In this way, you come to me to press once every night before going to sleep, thirty minutes.” “Thank you, blind uncle.” Su robbing quickly, he is leaving. “Wait.” Blunt swayed his hand: “Let’s talk about how?”

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