About Kunioo!

Kunioo:  /ˈkuːni/əʊ/ ( In Japanese, kuni means country, and O are its people)

Every country has a unique culture,  passed down through the generations. Likewise, all couples have their stories – which need to be captured and retold, too. We are artists who document your memories, and combine your precious moments together with our vision. Likened to two wedding rings placed side by side, the ‘oo’ in our name stands for the promise that all lovers make for each other.

We have a special fine art documentary and story-telling approach.  Through your funny, heartfelt or romantic stories (perhaps your goofy personalities, or even your aspirations!), we aim to retell your stories to the rest of the world in the most true-to-life yet captivating way we can.

Kunioo focuses on delivering  amazing wedding films and images to every couple, creating unforgettable experiences and creating lasting relationships along the way.

Your Story, our Inspiration.