One day, thieves broke into my home and stole everything. The insurance company replaced my dad’s film camera with a digital one. That was how the world of photography welcomed me and how I discovered my passion, my life, and my dream. With photography, I broke away from the social gaps I faced, and created bridges that allowed me to enter people’s lives. My life has since become filled with others’ life stories.

“Your enthusiasm is contagious.”

I have been told this countlessly by others. I strongly believe in bringing out the most natural emotions through my passionate smile and positive attitude. When I take a photo, I want it to breathe life. The photo has to speak; it has to tell a story, and it has to have a meaning. I wish not to capture a photo that was captured because it was pretty. I adore emotion and I am guided by my clients’ emotions while I sculpture their story.

I feel like I am living in a dream at this point in my life, and I honestly can’t ask for more. I always wanted to be important and live a life with meaning, and by capturing stories and most important part of people’s life makes my life meaningful. Please inspire me with your stories, believe in my vision, and let me be part of your life.

Award winning photographer of winter PWPC (Professional Wedding Photographers inCanada) 2012.

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