Grade 12 Civilizations Class – it all started when I was first exposed to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and his work. After digging deep into the work of “The Last Supper,” I realized that every stroke plays a part towards the story as a whole. I have learned that art is much deeper than the aesthetics on the surface. What really makes it beautiful and original is the way it communicates with its audience.

Similar to how Leonardo Da Vinci sat at the same spot for days learning how people interact and react to their surroundings, I enjoy sitting and observing the natural workings of my environment. For example, I see how people behave when they are not being watched; or I notice how long a bird stays still to hunt for its prey. I often ask myself how many things are left unnoticed within our life? How many points of views and stories are left untold? With the power of video editing that I stumbled upon during a class project, I started creating these stories and point of views with incredible versatility.

As I explored the ins and outs of post-production (bringing the life together from all the film clips), I realized that many stories are worth telling, but what is more important is the impression and impact they leave behind. This is my passion, I strive to give people a greater appreciation for the world’s beauty. By using my skills, I want to produce video pieces that retell stories in different perspectives. I want to bring unnoticed things back to the surface and re-establish their importance, because every story is a contribution. Everything that I observe is also an opportunity to tell a story. It’s exhilarating for me to have the ability to create experiences and point of views for people who normally would not have had the chance to experience themselves.