A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. Or so it feels. I was about 8 or 9 when my dad sat me in front of the TV to watch Star Wars. Needless to say I was dumbfounded by the endless spectacle of light and sound. By the end, I couldn’t hold back the question… “How?” I asked. “How could someone make a movie as spectacular as this, Dad?” –I am paraphrasing of course, due to my limited vocabulary as a child. “Editing” said my dad. “It’s done through video editing” my dad answered. Of course now I know this wasn’t entirely true –much of the magnificence of Star Wars was generated through visual effects at the time and enhanced with special effects later on, but I digress. This moment here is what sparked my interest and paved the way for my future life as a video editor.

After confiscating the family VHS camcorder, I took the opportunity to make numerous short videos utilizing the technology I had at the time. From the early days for VCR to VCR editing to the days of digital post production, I’ve done my best to adaptive and constantly experimenting with telling a story or generating certain emotions through the art of arranging video.

Born and raised in Vancouver, the Capilano Motion Picture Production program was a natural choice for me. Refining my skills and technical knowledge helped me find my place in the motion picture industry as a wedding video editor –being adaptive and able to tell an emotionally charged story.

Perhaps my story is not as climactic as Star Wars, but at times it certainly feels like it. For example, since I joined the Kunioo team, my life has certainly been full of opportunities to produce work that I can be proud of. As the editor for Kunioo, my goal is to tell your story through video in the most beautiful and cinematic way possible.