When I was young, I would catch myself spending hours on the Internet, being completely immersed just looking at pictures taken by other photographers. I was amazed at how they could make seemingly simple objects and occurrences in everyday life be filled with such depth and emotion. It was fascinating and intriguing, and I aspired to do the same one day.

It was not until University when my cousin, Jun, decided to take me in as his apprentice. He knew about my love for photography and wanted to share his knowledge and experience with me. His enthusiasm was both contagious and inspiring. He taught me many important values that I still treasure today, and helped me step out of my comfort zone; freeing my mind from the box it was trapped in for so long. I began to look at things in life from different perspectives rather than taking it in at face value. It was not long before I came to the important realization, that behind every object, person, and situation, there is a story.

Photography allows me to tell these stories. It allows me to seize and store moments when feelings and emotions are in abundance. Weddings are when cries of joy are heard, tears are shed, embraces are felt, and smiles are witnessed all around. I want to make sure those meaningful events can be experienced again without having to worry about forgetting the feelings. My passion will capture that tear of happiness when it trickles down your face, and help you create a collection of those treasured moments so you can always go back and relive that special day!