Farm Wedding // Kyla & Alex

“We were thrilled to have Kunio Photography capture our special day. Jun’s outgoing personality and enthusiasm made him an absolute joy to work with! From start to finish, his service was professional. We loved the images he presented to us after our wedding and would not hesitate to recommend his team to others!” – Alex and Kyla Beyer

I walked in and I felt right at home with Kyla’s dad and sister and just about everyone came and asked, “are you hungry?” “are you thirsty?” “Do you want water? juice? or sparkling water?” When I walk in and greet everyone for the first time I would try to make everyone comfortable as most people are not used to having their pictures taken. Instead, I was welcomed like a family and they made me feel really comfortable. I was so blown away how they all follow my blogs and I have a feeling that EVERYONE read my post on visiting Kyla and Alex on Eagle Island. All of the sudden I felt like a celebrity! I was kinda embarrassed at many moments. Kyla would then comment and relate our chat with my recent Facebook status and my recent blogs. I was so moved! The most surprising part of the day? I will have to say it was during the ceremony. Miya and I arrived about 15 mins earlier during the ceremony so we were scouting just a little bit more around the area and before we know it Kyla and her father started walking down the aisle. I SPRINTED across the farm and swapped my lens and kneeled down and started shooting. Very soon after that I started sprinting around the ceremony looking for different angles and before I know it they started exchanging rings! That was about 5~6 minutes since the ceremony started!!!! I was like, holy! HOLD IT!! (no, i didn’t say that, but i screamed in my mind) I SPRINTED across again and swapped my lens and took a few snaps and then Alex and Kyla kissed, held hand, and walked down the aisle. The whole process took no more than 10 minutes in total. To me, it felt like 5 min, max! That was the fastest ceremony I have experienced in my life, and most likely my past life and probably my next life (if such life exists) I ran after them after they walked away and I said, “Wow! That was a REALLY fast ceremony!” Alex and Kyla said, “Yeah! It was much faster than we thought it would be!” I laughed and in my head I told myself, oh gosh, I think I have a good story to write about when I go home! I am SO THANKFUL that it was sunny on July 7th, two 7s! Can’t go wrong! Dinner was so pleasant. I finally got to put down my “photographer” mode and enjoy their delicious food that is making my mouth extremely watery right now. Not just the food, the calm breeze in the shade and children and adults playing around with occasionally a cat and a dog coming by to sniff for food. It was great. I relaxed for a few minutes then I went to explore the farm a bit more since the lighting changed. BIG HUGE SMILE! What more can we say for Alex and Kyla, they are having the best moment in life yet right there! I saw that, and my jaw dropped and ran after them! I don’t even know if that is allowed or if it is safe, but the child inside me became delighted and somewhere in me wished that i was on there too! Judging from the cart, I don’t think i can fit in! The night ended with freshly picked strawberries. Kyla told me they prepared enough bags for 150 people and they just picked it this morning! I LOVE how I get to bring LOTS of food home every time I visit them! Last time were prawns 🙂 So awesome! Served as breakfast the next morning!