We have a special fine art documentary and story-telling approach. Through your funny, heartfelt or
romantic stories (perhaps your goofy personalities, or even your aspirations!), we aim to retell
your stories to the rest of the world in the most true-to-life yet captivating way we can.

Kunioo focuses on delivering amazing wedding films and images to every couple, creating unforget-
table experiences and creating lasting relationships along the way.

Born from a Boom Box // Taylor & Jake

Born from a Boom Box! Music is their soul and dance is their expression of life. Last year we ran…

Decisions // Rosalie + Randall

Decisions. As we carry through life, we all arrive at the inevitable fork in the road. The fork splits the…

To Grow is to Love // Joanne & Kai

All aboard to the choo-choo train express! Next stop: To Southern California’s city of San Diego for Joanne and Kai’s…

Memories Live on Forever // Alisa & Ryan

Everyone has his or her own story to share and some stories are captured while the rest may be lost…

Emanating Happiness // Asuka & Brandon

Publishing this journal post has been on our minds ever since last Fall when the wedding happened. It’s been in…

Celebrations in life // Christine & Jeff

As we grow older, our lives seem more and more complicated. We become busier and lack time to celebrate with…

Finding The Why // Kunioo

It’s a question we always ask ourselves. “Why am I here?” You may feel that there’s something deeper you could…

Sleep. Love. Tent. // Kim & Jo

Every couple has their own special way of embracing each other and spending time with each other. For Kim and…

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A friendly family of story tellers

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A wedding isn't just the biggest event of your life to date...but rather a series of mini events. We are a family of story tellers with a passion to get to know the little details of you and your significant other. Read a bit about each and every one of our Kunioo family members :)

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